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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. occupy oakland activists say they want you to be part of the discussion. they say even if you aren't camping out they believe you can make a difference. they came, saw, occupied. i'm terry mcsweeney at the old cathedral hill hotel. building is occupied by homeless advocates. the story coming up. good morning. clouds hanging around san francisco. damp start. still drizzle out there. we are going to have issues during the morning hours. sunshine and warming trend during the afternoon. good morning. major insect in san jose
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shutdown due to a -- intersection in san jose shutdown due to a fatal accident. >> thank you for join us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. not a good start in north san jose. major intersection closed because of a fatal accident involving an a light rail and pedestrian. this is the intersection of north first and east trim bull in san jose, intersection closed no delays on the vta train that was cleared up. bta is on time that intersection is closed north first between bonaventure and component. alternate would be the montague expressway for zanker road. they expect the intersection to be reopened at 5:30 this morning. >> we'll check back with you on that dozens of protesters waking up in oakland this morning after hundreds turned
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the city into the latest bay area epicenter for protesting economic inequality in the u.s.. amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: they are digging in. not only are they sleeping in the rain. they are eating too. that's a food tent back there. they've got donated meals. there's beef stew and chicken and they say even those of you who aren't out here, they believe you still have make a difference. occupy oakland kicked off yesterday at its height it had 500 people out here. they don't know how long they will be out here. they say they fear if they don't make a statement they may all be forced to live like this, because of what they call corporate greed. that's what they want to bring attention to. they say they would love to have more people come out. they say there are other ways you can make a statement. >> there's many things we can do. we control the market, our money, every time we make a
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deposit, pay a bill we are making that corporate giant stronger. if we invest that into our community we could be just as strong, promise you that. >> reporter: the members say police have not told them they need to leave as has happened in other cities. they don't know how long they are going to be out here. you get a sense they are just getting started this is part of a national movement that started two weeks ago, occupy wall street. it is spreading across the country. occupy walnut creek is scheduled to get underway tomorrow afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5: 3 now. different occupies protest this morning at a couple of vacant buildings in san francisco, -- homeless advocates have moved in to make a point about the lack of housing for homeless even when building space is available. terry mcsweeney is in and fran. >> reporter: san francisco police on the scene, one squad
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car, everything is cool and calm now. this started as part of a protest yesterday for homeless action day. dozens with a group called hopes, not jails marched through the streets. they were chanting occupy everything. then they did some occupying. they occupied the former cathedral hill hotel. some went on the roof. others had banners they flew from the windows. organizers say they are not going anywhere. >> this entire building could house all of the houseless families in the city as well as single consults on the street. -- single adults on the street. >> reporter: there are 200 homeless families on a waiting list and the hotel has 600
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unoccupied rooms. it has been vacant for two years. california pacific medical center plans to build a hospital here last year. a spokesman says the bidding is not safe and says it is dangerous. remaining protesters moved a couple blocks and occupied another building a 17 unit apartment building, also vacant right now. san francisco pd at both locations waiting to hear what the owners of the buildings want to do. right now all is cool and cam. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. -- 5:05. san jose police asking for the public's help in solving the murders of two former students. 21-year-old eric otokawa of san jose and his 20-year-old girlfriend kristina pandula of sunnyvale. she was a nursing student he was a student last spring. police say they were shot to death late saturday morning
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inside otokawa's rented apartment, located on south third street the door opens up to an alley investigators tracking down leads told neighbors both were shot in the head several times and may have known their killer. >> we need the public's help. we are reaching out to them we know somebody is out there who knows this individual, whom they suspect he or she committed the crime. >> one witness reported seeing a man drive off in a black honda. police want to hear about anyone who might have had a motive. san jose police officer on administrative leave while offs investigate his involvement in a deadly shooting. morning officers had reports of a person with a gun. police say the officer shot the armed man after he made a threatening motion towards the officer. he is a five veteran with the department this is the fourth shooting in a month involving an officer in san jose. two by police and two by
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county sheriff's deputies. limestone quarry in cupertino open again for the first time since three were killed and six injured if an employee shooting spree. a statement from the texas-base company that owns the plant says work underway to the facility fully operational within a week. three workers were killed, six wounded when a truck driver at the plant shareef allman went on a shooting rampage after complaining of racial discrimination. he was shot to death the following day this sunnyvale in a confrontation with deputies. police are likely to have a new contract before the day is out, but no pay raise. city officials say it requires officers to kick this additional 3% of their salaries to the pension fund to help the city save money. officers will no longer be able to cash-out their sick days. the state controller says california missed its mark
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again in september by collecting 300 million dollars less in tax revenues than state leaders accounted for when they approved this year's budget. the 4% drop means california revenue is 705 million behind estimates. he is warning a continued drop may trigger automatic mid year cuts to schools and social services. public schools could lose up to 1 1/2 billion dollars unless tax revenues increase the uc and csu systems face 100 million dollars in budget cuts each. early voting begins in san francisco today for next month's election to pick a new mayor, district attorney, sheriff and to decide several ballot measures. san francisco voters can cast their votes in city hall between 8 and 5 monday through friday. they can request a mail-in ballot. election day is november 8th. residents in a gilroy neighborhood back home after being evacuated during a gas leak. crews on third street broke a
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two inch gasline yesterday afternoon it took two hours to cap the leak. gas service was restored 9:00 last night. 5:09. time to look at weather. did you encounter any raindrops on the way in? >> no, but definitely drizzle. a lot of drizzle this morning. good morning. moist out there, even where you do not have drizzle, you are still going to find wetness on streets. heavier area around palo alto, redwood city, towards mountain view, sunnyvale, cupertino that area where doppler is showing maybe heavier drizzle. otherwise, moist throughout the morning. shift in the pattern, last couple of frames flow is tart move north. that will progress throughout the afternoon. a lot of sunshine later today. it is still a very mild flow. temperatures all in the 60s this morning.
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low to mid 60s. if we had more sunshine it would be a warm afternoon. closer to average than questioned. low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco. low 70s for the rest of the bay shore low to mid 70s south bay and north bay mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys increase in sundown to the monterey bay 67 monterey low to mid 70s inland. a lot of sunshine and warmer weather tomorrow and thursday temperatures about 10 to 12° warmer than today. they will hold on for friday, cooling trend right now it looks dry for the weekend. good morning sue. >> good morning. back to san jose. intersection of north first and east tremble fatal accident this morning. the delays have been cleared. they are back on track. that intersection will remain closed for another 20 minutes. once again, it is north first, east tremble north first
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closed between bonaventure . you can use zanker at this time. 5:30 estimated open that intersection. we have mist on the san mateo bridge you can look at a live shot you can barely see it due to the wet camera lens. bay bridge toll roads slick. metering lights off, traffic flowing well into san francisco. i cannot believe in story! this is a great story! 10,000 free flights. which country is behind the offer and why? welcome to the bay area. major solar company move in bringing hundreds of new jobs. >> ending the wait. facebook officially friends the ipad. movie trailer that has one woman suing. why she says she was fooled.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. twitter's quest to trademark the word teeth is coming to answer. the company sued an iowa company that had registered the trademark. a spokeswoman wouldn't say if they paid for the name. two long awaited facebook -- i should say [ unintelligible ] universal iphone and ipad app
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that is free and unlike the old iphone app games like words with friends will work. the app fills out the larger screen of the ipad. the tech world has been anticipating since apple launched the tablet a year and a half ago. facebook will only say we are releasing it now because it is done. it still doesn't have an app for android phones. in oakland three elections measure i, new $80 parcel tax would raise 11 million dollars a year for five years. would it help pay for police, pothole repairs and parks and recreation. it needs a 2/3 majority to pass, measure j would fund police and fire department's retirement system. measure h would return the office of city attorney to an appointed position. voters have until november 15th to return their ballots. bay area them to to a new solar company. sun edison has moved from
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maryland to belmont. 150 people will work at the company. sun edison has plans to hire up to 500 in the next few years. california's reputation as a leader in the solar industry lured the company here. >> with the innovative state and we are going to invest in solar and make california not only the national leader, which is, we are going to make it the world leader. we are going to do that with a company like this. >> sun edison did not receive any tax incentives to come to california. the company says the move was made based on the -- expected increase in demand in california for residential solar power. japan hoping to offer 10,000 free flights next year to improve tourism. numbers have dropped dramatically since the tsunami and fukushima plant disaster in march. the program could begin by
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next april. would be travelers would have to submit online applications then write about their experiences. a michigan woman is suing the distributor of a new hollywood movie because she felt tricked by the trailer ii sarah saw this trailer for the ryan gosling film drive and expected something like the action film fast and furious. according to her lawsuit, drive bore very little similarity. she says the movie was anti-semitic. she wants a refund and an end to what she calls misleading movie trailers. she plans to turn her complaint into a class action suit. the theater and distributor are expected to contest her claims. >> is it april 1st? >> no, it is not.
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that was it, the whole movie? 5:ail teen. time for the forecast. -- no misleading you here. we have some drizzle as miss sue hall would say, a deputy morning, and drizzley, nice i'm stealing that. drippy and drizzley. let's talk about -- talk about visibility, low mild and an -- mile and a quarter. nothing obnoxiously bad or dangerous but flight arrival delays that sfo as the morning unfolds. temperatures very mild, low to mid 60s same down to the monterey bay. afternoon clearing dry and warmer temperatures. sunshine everywhere tomorrow, thursday and friday.
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that will bring us our warmest afternoon just in time for the weekend, more clouds, cooling trend begins. right now, it does look dry for the weekend. today, compared to , 1° cooler in livermore. sun 7:14. probably won't see that. sunset definitely, 6:38. cloud cover spilling into the central valley. this will hang around for the better part of the morning. breaks in the clouds in our valleys in the north bay and east bay by noon. everybody else cloudy. during the afternoon hours, a rapid melting of the clouds, except for a few along the coast because of the sunshine will come out so late we'll only hit 60s and 70s. we'll tart in the south bay low to mid 70s -- we'll start in the south bay low to mid 70s.
5:20 am
may hit 74 into the south bay around los altos. downtown south san francisco, sausalito, upper 60s. near 60 at north bay beaches low to mid 70s inland valleys east bay shore low 70s berkeley and richmond could be the exception upper 60s sun in the east bay valleys mid to upper 70s monterey bay lingering clouds carmel mid to upper 60s low 70s around the rest of the bay inland low to mid 70s tonight temperatures cooler by 10° thanks to lack of organized includes we could have patchy fog tomorrow morning during the commute. by the afternoon tomorrow temperatures jump 8 to° 10 8 to 10°. on the coast low to mid 70s low to mid 80s inland near 90 inland before the significant cooling trend this weekend.
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good morning everyone. intersection of north first and tremble san jose closed, fatal accident with a pedestrian, investigation ongoing for another 10 to 15 minutes. they told us 5:30 they will open north first. i continues to be closed at tremble. alternate would be -- would be the montague expressway or zanker. well update that in a few minutes. so significant delays, no mass transit delays. drive times around the bay now, -- i guess we won't do that we'll get to that next time. there's where you can get your drive times and current incidents. 5:21. >> next, the secret that beyonce let slip. no games. now the nba is cutting the
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good morning. let's take a live look outside. golden gate bridge headlights coming into san francisco a little drizzley a little fog, low clouds remaining. that is going to move out. mike says make room for warmer temperatures which he will have. sue will check out your morning commute in a few minutes. we'll find out if it is affecting flights in and out of sfo for you. 5:24. you can scrub the first to weeks of the nba season.
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it was supposed to start november 1st that has been cancelled because of the ongoing contract dispute between owners and players. the two sides are very far apart on virtually every issue. after meeting more than seven hours in new york, no new talks are scheduled. forget any plans to watch or attend the november 2nd, warriors home opener against the lakers. celebrity watchers are abuzz over beyonce's due date in an interview with an australian network the pregnant superstar revealed when her baby will arrive. they've marked their calendar for february. the 30-year-old singer has been happily showing off her baby bump. she says she is definitely ready for mother mood if you are wondering about the baby's sex reports say jay-z's sister has ordered booties in pink. >> okay. >> now the world's most intimidating golf course a
5:26 am
lake full of man eating sharks is a familiar site for -- pam sight for involvers at the 14th tee in brisbane, australia. the sharks got into the course when it flooded after a river broke its banks. since, the golfers seem to love boasting about playing there. local kids, no longer retrieve lost balls from the water for extra pocket money that's not -- 5:26. next, restoring a scarred neighborhood. new benchmark moment coming this week for neighbors trying to rebill after the pipeline explosion. >> -- >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. homeless advocates have taken over two buildings,. they say they are not going anywhere. we are waiting to see what the property owners had to the story coming up in a live report. searching for ail killer. san jose police ask for help
5:27 am
and offer a new clue in the murder of a young south bay couple. temperatures across the country, warmest in phoenix 93, coolest seattle 58. 70s and 80s heading east of the rockies today. also where you will find wet weather. we have flight departure delays out of charlotte and philadelphia. flight arrival delays into san francisco. check out our flight tracker at at the our 4 new rich & hearty soups really have people talng... [ guy ] ring, ring. hold on a sec... progresso... i love your new loaded potato with bacon. that's what we like to hear. where was i? oh right... our rich & hearty soups.. people love the thick cut carrots... we do too! where was i? progresso. right, our new rich & hearty soups... [ ring, ring ] progresso... switch our phone service? [ ring, ring ] [ ring, ring ], i think we're pretty happy with our phones. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of ber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one. today could mark the moment of truth for president obama's jobs act. a test vote in the senate is expected to send the plan packing. the story coming up. dozens of homeless activists occupy two vacant hotels in san francisco. they say there's enough space in both to house hundreds of homeless families. another bay area police
5:30 am
department could be history. the millbrae city council votes today. good morning. damp morning with drizzle throughout the morning commute. sunshine by the afternoon. warming trend the next couple of days. good news in san jose. major intersection has been roped. all details coming up. >> -- >> 5:30 on this tuesday thanks for joining us i'm is. >> i'm eric thomas. -- president obama heads to pennsylvania to talk up his jobs bill while the senate prepares for a test vote on the measure. the gop candidates for president will focus on the economy in their debate tonight. katie is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: president obama's jobs act is expected to fail during the senate test vote. his jobs council is set to release its recommendations to reduce unemployment. the council will propose hiring more people to improve
5:31 am
the country's infrastructure and will suggest the government create a student loan repayment program based on income to encourage graduates to become entrepreneurs. the jobs act proposes cutting payroll taxes, extending unemployment benefits, adding money to keep public workers on-the-job and rebuilding schools and roads. some of the money could come from a 5.6% tax on anyone making more than a million dollars. >> the president: independent economists say we could grow the economy as much as 2%. as many as 1.9 million workers. >> reporter: republicans say they will kill the bill in the senate. they do not like the proposals for increased spending and taxing. house gop working on is own plan which includes ending new regulations. he, the party says harps businesses for example the epa's clean air rules. the gop candidates for president are scheduled to debate at 5 p.m. tonight in
5:32 am
new hampshire. as you might expect, jobs and unemployment are expected to take center stage. 40 people are camped out this morning for the occupy oakland protest that started yesterday. they are living in a tent city outside oakland city hall. hundreds showed up yesterday for a rally calling for economic change. it is one of dozens of grassroots protests around the country that mirror the occupy wall street protest. demonstrators blame corporate greed for the nation's economic problems. >> homeless advocates borrowing tactics of the occupy wall street protesters. this morning they are waking up in several vacant buildings they took over in san francisco. terry mcsweeney is live at one building. >> reporter: right now no sign of movement certainly not from the police who are out here. looking at some of the 600 rooms vacant for two years.
5:33 am
this all began with a protest that turned into an occupies yesterday. -- turned into an occupation. the group is called homes not jails. rereportedly used bolt cutters to cut the changes on the -- they reportedly used bolt cutters to cut the changes on the doors. they say they are not going to leave until they are physically removed. the medical center plans to build a hospital here next year. >> it is not safe inside. the concern is not that they are in there but that it may be a dangerous facility. >> when 1% is stealing everything from everybody it becomes our duty to fight back against that. >> reporter: out here live again at the cathedral hill hotel. you can see a picture of some
5:34 am
lies on. there hasn't been any movement out here -- some lights on. there hasn't been any movement out here. we know the protesters after they took over this hotel went down to a 17 unit apartment building down the street and took over that building. police waiting to hear what the owners of the separate buildings want to do about these people who have broken in to their facilities and are taking it over in the name of homelessness. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:34. san jose police asking for the public's help in solving the murders of two former san jose state students. 21-year-old eric otokawa of san jose and his 20-year-old girlfriend kristina pandula of sunnyvale. he was a student last spring she was a nursing student. police say they were shot to death late saturday morning inside otokawa's rented apartment located behind a victorian on south third
5:35 am
street. the door opens up to an alley. investigators tracking down leads told neighbors both victims were shot in the head several times and they may have known their killer. >> who are they looking for? >> they said there was one witness in the neighborhood saw this guy leaving abruptly in a black honda. >> police say they need more leads on anyone who might have had reason to mur the couple. tonight millbrae city council sim expected to vote on whether to outsource police services to the san mateo sheriff's office. the millbrae department is understaffed to the point of being unsustainable. the interim police chief says the city needs another $410,000 to hire a police chief, command level officer and secretary. millbrae could save that money by contracting with the sheriff's department. that might result in fewer street patrols. apple making plan for a celebration to remember steve jobs. he died last wednesday at the
5:36 am
age of 56. jobs' fans keep adding to tributes at apple stores like this one in berkeley. the company's official memorial bill take place next wednesday at apple's cupertino headquarters it will be for employees only. there is no public service planned. >> the santa clara health department has released jobs' death certificate he died of respiratory failure resulting from pancreatic cancer. san bruno residents will soon be able to drive through city streets. the barricades are set to come down tomorrow. the city's mayor calls it another milestone in the recovery and rebuilding process. last month residents helped fill the crater that marked the spot where the pipeline exploded in september 2010, killing eight and destroying 38 home is. students and residents around stanford may smell natural gas today pg&e will begin venting gas to prepare
5:37 am
for hydro static testing. the pipeline today runs along page mill and along sand hill road to i-280. the tests were order by state regulators in the wake of the san bruno explosion. meant to identify leaks or weak points in pg&e's gaslines. driving this morning did you use your windshield wipers? >> on a couple of occasions before and after the caldecott tunnel. lower elevation a lot of fog starting to develop. good morning. live doppler, best radar returns in the south bay. sliding to the southeast there may be heavier pockets of drizzle, just very light in a moist, misty morning. storm track heading north and because of that high pressure moving in and we will have sun
5:38 am
and warmer weather starting this afternoon. for now visibilities down to about a mile and a quarter novato, santa rosa, pwhaoeul and a half at -- mile and a half at half moon bay. temperatures the same at 8:00 as they are now, low to mid i have 50s by noon, breaks in the cloud cover. by the afternoon hours partly cloudy, even mostly sunny low to mid 60s along the coast in san francisco, 69 oakland everybody else in the 70s. over the next three days temperatures should be from 6 to 12° warmer than today. cooling trend with a dry forecast for now saturday and sunday. good morning sue. >> good morning mike. hello afternoon. san jose earlier accident cleared out of lanes north
5:39 am
first at bull that accident involving a train and pedestrian this morning intersection is reopened. drive times, not bad to marin county, peninsula smoothly, 580 remains a good drive out of the central valley this morning. not the case sierra foothills, dutch flat area 80 westbound shutdown, crystal springses to alta, big rigs involves westbound diverted to highway 20. alameda's new tool to help prevent another drowning tragedy. bus ride turns into a frightening ordeal for a group of passengers in oakland. death of owner al davis raises new speculation about an oakland raiders' move to los angeles. [ mom ] hey guys.
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guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a man drowned off an alameda beach while city firefighters and police stood by because they weren't properly equipped an investigation blamed the the city for relying too much on outside agencies for shallow
5:43 am
water rescues. the city is shoring up the unit by replacing a rescue that was eliminated in 2008. police looking for the gunman who shot at a transit bus yesterday afternoon near the fruitvial bart station. nobody was hurt. -- the driver sped away and drove to the next stop in alameda. oakland police and sheriff's deputies don't know if the shooter was targeting anyone inside the bus. renewed speculation that the raiders may move back to los angeles after team owner al davis passed away. controlling interest in the raiders is expected to go to davis' son mark. according to yahoo news that could open a way for changes in the nfl stadium construction and relocation plans. six months ago davis spoke with officials backing a new stadium in l.a..
5:44 am
he pulled out when they insisted on owning a sizable share of the team if the team prefers to stay in the bay area several sources say the raiders may be receptive to sharing a stadium with the 49ers. the world's biggest retailer tries to go local with thousands of new facebook pages. bloomberg business report coming up. bay area traffic, new study shows chicking hybrids out of car pool lanes has made thin -- made things worse for everyone. one of mexico's most popular tourist town braces for a hurricane. slipslidding away. a flight comes to an unexpected end for dozens of passengers, we'll tell you where. millions of us take them. now a new report says vitamins may be doing more harm than good. ♪
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welcome back. look how quiet doppler is compared to yesterday. this afternoon all the rain back to the north. increasing sunshine and mid to upper 70s around chico, sacramento, big sur and yosemite. warmth building to our south, fresno and l.a., low 80s. palm springs 97°. just about 5:48.
5:48 am
freeway traffic has gotten slower for all of us over the past few months even in the car pool lanes. uc expert explains what caused the slow down and how to speed things up again to wayne freedman. >> reporter: maybe you think the nuts, bolts, ebb and flow of traffic are irreversible forces of nature if so you probably don't study civil engineering or have dr. cassidy as a professor. >> one can understand the nature of congestion and how to combat it, the world is a better place. >> reporter: when california excelled hybrids from the car pool lanes, the doctor looked at a stretch of highway 880. >> because of all the sites it stood the best chance of benefits from ejecting the car pool lanes. even that site, the best candidate, ends up being much worse off. >> reporter: sis california ejected those 8 ,000 -- hybrids moving as much --
5:49 am
85,000 hybrids traffic moving slower. drivers are going so much faster they feel a need to slow down. >> nobody is better off. even if car pool drivers aren't much worse off, they are still worse off. if would you get some of those hybrids back into the car pool lane everybody would be better off, including those this car pool lane. >> reporter: dr. cassidy note january, a pending federal program will allow 40,000 plug-ins into the car pool lane. he says they shouldn't make any difference. let the hybrids join them as well. wayne freedman, abc7 news. the ntsb has released video of a southwest plane skidding off a runway in chicago. camera at midway airport captured the jetliner as it fish tailed off a rain-soaked
5:50 am
tarmac into a patch of muddy grass in april as the plane landed. none of the passengers or crew were hurt. ntsb is still investigating. mexico's pacific coast preparing for a major hurricane will that make landfall today. hurricane jova is expected to hit this afternoon. outer bans are drenching the resort town. -- right now jova is a category 3 storm about sustained winds near 120 miles an hour. the u.s. national hurricane center says it could grow to a cat 4 with winds of 130 miles per hour before it hits land. hotels are preparing for the worst. nothing like that. we had a bit of rain of our own in the past 24 hours, right mike? >> didn't have strong winds which was nice, we didn't have power outages or trees falling down. for now, just the leftover.
5:51 am
rather quiet light drizzle, even mist falling around the bay area. even from this shot that is starting to dry just aly. from downtown -- just a little. from downtown under the bay bridge to the port of oakland. rainfall amounts are all over the place due to the scattered nature of heavier rain. oakland a third, hayward a third, 3/100 redwood city. ben lomond own a quarter after inch. 3/4 of an inch in st. helena. we were all over the place. right now still under that mild air mass if you will, warm for the morning low to mid 60s same around the monterey bay. sunshine will take until the afternoon before we get there drying trend on the way with warmer temperatures.
5:52 am
sunshine everywhere even to the coast warmer weather wednesday, thursday, lesser extent friday. more clouds right now dry for the weekend and trending cooler than what we are going to deal with the next couple of days. 24 hour temperature change everybody going up, taking off, more impress sieve in oakland. most -- santa rosa 11° warmer this afternoon. mid to upper 70s today, east bay shore low 70s upper 60s around richmond, berkeley many to the south low to mid 70s throughout the santa clara valley 74 campbell and san jose peninsula low 70s dropping to the upper 60s for millbrae and san mateo. to the coast low 60s. mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito upper 50s to near 60 to north bay beaches low to mid 70s in
5:53 am
valleys mid to upper 60s around monterey and carmel rest of the bay low 70s mid 70s as you head inland tonight without the cloud cover we will have temperatures cooler by 10° in the low to mid 50s a few upper 50s and patchy fog for tomorrow's morning commute. here's what happened while were you sleeping, the front never made it through, we didn't expect it to make it through. that's why we are still having lingering moisture because of the warm throw rolling over us right now. watch how this evaporates as we head into the afternoon and evening hour. look at all that sunshine as we make it to this afternoon. it is going to get warmer tomorrow once the fog faces look at those temperatures 70s at the coast the next two days near 80 around the bay to upper 80s to near 90 inland temperatures will cool friday still above average with the extra clouds over the weekend temperatures will be back where they should be for the middle parts of october.
5:54 am
up to the sierra foothills, if you are expecting someone from this area, expect delays we have a "sig alert" in effect entire freeway shutdown westbound 80 closed on the dutch flat area big rigs involved crystal springs to alta traffic detoured off at highway 20. drive times this morning closer to home, highway 4 not bad out of and kwrbg, 580 mild to the interchange, 92 would be the san mateo bridge eastbound less than 15 minutes to san jose live, shot 280 headed northbound light, good drive towards cupertino northbound live shot of the go go bridge fog out of the waldo tunnel and slick surface there, traffic is moving fine. for the latest. 5:54. wall street protesters plan to move uptown today to occupy sidewalks outside the
5:55 am
homes of some of the wealthiest businessmen in the nation. >> here jane king with our bloomberg business report. >> good morning. most americans say wealthy people should pay more in taxes more than 2/3, including a majority of republicans say the rich should kick in more to bring down the deficit according to a new poll that could resonate with president obama who has suggested a millionaire's tax to pay for his jobs plan. occupy wall street protesters will be heading uptown today to march past the hopes of some of america's wealthiest. the "new york daily news" says the march is targeting the hopes of news corp and jpmorgan chase chief execs and others. wal-mart says after listening to its nine million facebook friends it is launching more than 3500 local facebook pages, listing local deals for you if you go to the website and like your local wal-mart store. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. parents may get a shock
5:56 am
this halloween when they peek into their child's candy bag. lollipops may in the shape of marijuana leaves come wrapped in packaging that encourages legalization of pot or pot humor. critics say the candy trivialize s drug . the company that makes the candy says it is surprised at the uproar over candy. researchers at university of minnesota tracked 39,000 women ages 55 through 69 for 19 years. the study found risk of dying increased 2.4% for bill who took a multi-vitamin compared with those who didn't. the study finds the risk is greater for women who tyke iron supplements. >> this raises the question -- the question it might hurt that's a different level of understanding that we need to comprehend. >> an exception was calcium
5:57 am
sum meants associated with a slightly decreased risk of -- premature deaths. the makers say the study was biased and not a cause and effect study there could be other factors. . 5:57. just ahead at 6:00, rotten rain. why in week's weather could have a very big economic toll on one of the bay area's most profitable crops. >> reporter: occupy oakland protesters are digging in. they say they are sleeping and eating in the rain now so they won't one day be forced to live like this. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland, i'll have an update coming up. @a@a@a@a@a@a@a@a@a@a@a
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